The YOUTH TOBACCO & MARIJUANA PROGRAM is specifically designed for first-time offenders of Penal Code 308(b) (possession by a minor).  This program is supported by families interested in promoting healthy neighborhoods and preventing the negative consequences of drug abuse and alcohol and tobacco addiction in their communities.  Sanctioned by participating law enforcement and probation departments as well as school districts, this program is available to all city or county institutions throughout the state.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is a treatment that focuses on patterns of thinking and the beliefs, attitudes and values that underlie thinking. CBT has only recently come into prominence as one of the few approaches to psychotherapy that has been broadly validated with research, although it has been used in psychological therapy for more than 40 years. It is reliably effective with a wide variety of personal problems and behaviors, including those important to criminal justice, such as substance abuse and anti-social, aggressive, delinquent and criminal behavior.


Several packages are available to manage your family’s specific issues and level of crisis.
Focusing on parenting skills, child social/life skills and family relationship skills.
Help is provided to low income families with sliding scale fees.