The YOUTH TOBACCO & MARIJUANA PROGRAM is specifically designed for first-time offenders of Penal Code 308(b) (possession by a minor).  This program is supported by families interested in promoting healthy neighborhoods and preventing the negative consequences of drug abuse and alcohol and tobacco addiction in their communities.  Sanctioned by participating law enforcement and probation departments as well as school districts, this program is available to all city or county institutions throughout the state.

OUR MISSION as one of California’s top prevention providers is to specifically design programs to assist “at-risk” youth to develop life skills that will enable them to cope with today’s difficult choices and stand up to the challenge of peer pressure.

In brief, our mission is to provide education that encourages young people to become self-sufficient individuals who can make significant contributions to their families, schools, and neighborhoods.  Our goal is to present compelling information, encourage dialogue, and provide stimulus for lasting change.


The YOUTH TOBACCO & MARIJUANA PROGRAM offers an alternative for violations of PC 308(b).  The program is designed to be an approach that is educational rather than punitive for first-time offenders.


How youth have been influenced and manipulated by the “Big Tobacco Industry” through the media


Exercises in values clarification and taking responsibility for one’s actions are highlighted


Understanding the cycle of addiction as well as identifying healthy alternatives